12 Days of Christmas

During this merry season, we understand it is hard to resist temptation or not put on weight. The average person over the Christmas and New Year period often gain 1-2kg.

We also suggest to remain realistic. Making it a goal to start a cleanse, health kick or lose weight during this period is not always the best option.

The holiday season is meant to be a time you enjoy good company, food and parties. Also, keep in mind, you only live once. So if you want to enjoy your self this Christmas and New Years, it is okay!


However, if there are challenges you do face around this time of year and you want to improve, take this 12 Days of Christmas Challenge. Each day we encourage you to tackle the challenge that causes you to slip.

How to Do

Here is a few steps for you to follow in order to begin your challenge.

  1. Write a goal you are going to challenge every day for the next 12 days
  2. Talk your self into it and psych yourself up - literally! We want you to talk out loud or speak to yourself in mirror. Positive self talk will motivate you.
  3. Reward yourself! We encourage you to treat yourself every time you have succeed a challenge. We don't mean go and eat a whole cake to yourself... we are talking about a new item of gym clothing, do something you love but don't normally do e.g. go to a movie, enjoy a yoga class. You will figure it out.

Top Slips

Here are some ideas and inspiration as to what you could challenge your self with. These challenges are all very common issues the average person face.

Day 1


Think about it and be honest with yourself. What is something you often tell yourself that does often stop you from moving forward?

Whatever it is, we ask you to talk yourself out of your excuses - literally.

Positive self talk out loud provides many benefits...

  • It helps boosts your confidence.
  • It encourages more optimistic thoughts
  • It can save or prevent you from depression
  • It eliminates stress
  • It shields your heart - meaning it lowers cardiovascular diseases
  • It will improve your performance in no matter what you do

So please, more positive self talk, OUT LOUD.

Day 2

Weight Scales

We can't stress enough how weight scales are not a measure of success. We encourage you to use the scale as a guide and not take what you see too seriously. Many people get severely disheartened by the scale... however there are plenty more measure (if not more accurate) of your progress.

Please read a previous blog on weight scales and see how you can go by other measure of success to track your progress.

If you are guilty of weighing your self on the regular, make it a goal to weigh yourself only once a week instead of every day. And please, do not weigh yourself the day after a Christmas lunch or function!

Day 3


If you fail to plan, plan to fail. Cliche, but this saying truly is true. Make it a goal to start practicing and improving your organisation skills. Whether it be small steps and organising your gym gear the night before for a following early morning gym session or something bigger such as food prepping.

Day 4


Stop those 'I'm to tired' excuses and assess the issue.

If you are constantly tired, the following are several main contributing factors...

  • Not enough sleep - plan to go to bed earlier
  • Poor nutrition - you may be lacking vitamins and minerals
  • Low iron levels - go to a doctors and get your levels checked

Day 5

Time Management

Like your organisation skills, for time management, fail to plan, plan to fail.

We have 24 hours in a day. If you balance out your day, that is 8 hours sleep, 8 hours of play and 8 hours of work. 8 hours of play is a lot of time for you to have flexibility to organise, exercise, chill etc.! You can do whatever you need to too. Just remember, one step at a time and if you don't get everything completed in the time frame you expected... there is only tomorrow. You can only try your best.

Day 6


Feel bored or over your routine is a very common issue as to why people give up.

Make it a goal to keep things interesting! Whether it be cooking different healthy recipes, different exercise classes, different rewards everything you achieve a goal... be creative!

Day 7


Feel confident and know that you don't need to be an expert or analyse everything you do. You don't need to know the technicalities of all training methods, the minerals and nutrients of every food, every joint and muscle and how it work... relax! Just go with the flow. And realistically, it is common sense to know which food is healthy for you, discover and know what works for you etc. Just keep going and enjoy what you do without questioning it.

Day 8

Junk Food

What you don't have access too in your pantry or fridge, you obviously wont cheat on or eat.

Make it a goal to clear you cupboards of any processed, artificial, toxic food you can find. You will notice a positive impact of mood, weight, energy levels etc

Day 9


Drinking water is such an easy thing to do, however such a huge factor many people overlook or fail to do.

Hydration is so important for health and many bodily functions. Make it a goal to drink over 2L of water a day! You could ensure you drink a glass each hour, or a drink with each meal and snack... however and any way you will ensure you are getting adequate water intake. W

We encourage you to read our previous blog post on the importance of hydration...

Day 10

Bad Habits

Like your excuses, think of bad habits that is unhelpful and gets in your way of moving forward.

If you are guilty of bad eating habits, you may like to read our previous blog post 'Bad Eating Habits'...

Day 11

Calorie Mind Set

Many people are guilty of binging one day, then practically starving themselves the following day to compensate. This is a massive mistake. Habits such as this will have you doing it again and again. It is best you remain consistent with your calories. Aim for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Aim to also follow calorie guidelines and adjust according to you, your goals and how the diet makes you feel.

Day 12

Limit Alcohol

Consumption of alcohol is common reason for weight gain and a leading cause of negative health issues.

Moderation of intake can be fine. However, excessive consumption is not part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle or body.

Particularly during this festive season, we ask you to be mindful of your alcohol intake.


It's simple, many people due to not believing in themselves and talking themselves out of things. Make it a goal to remain positive, know you are trying your best and be honest with yourself. We believe in you, you can do it!


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