2016 Mr Olympia Top 10 Prediction

The 2016 Mr Olympia is just around the corner once again. And as the pro's head into their final week of their prep the team at Spartansuppz are here to give you a break down analysis on our 2016 Mr Olympia Top 10 Prediction.

The 2016 Olympia has been full of hot news, whether it be the return of the great Kevin Levrone, or the exclusion of Kai Greene for a second straight year. We're tipping this to be one of the best Olympia lineups of the past few years.

Without further delay, here's our Mr Olympia Top 10 Prediction.

2016 Mr Olympia Top 10 Prediction

10: Josh Lenartowicz.

Big Josh is coming off without a doubt his best year to date last year. Bringing in some great conditioning and size to both his pro wins in 2015. After taking some significant time off to grow for the Olympia, we're tipping Josh to bring his best condition to date and make a statement by busting into the Top 10.

9: Roelly Winklaar.

Roelly has been a big hype train coming into this years Olympia. He brings to the table some great size, but often falls short on his onstage conditioning.

8: William Bonac.

Bonac is expected to bring some of his best condition to date, we expect him to fall around 8th this year.

7: Big Ramy.

I don't doubt that is a future top 3 if not winner of the Olympia. However this year the competition is truely stacked. Add to the fact that his conditioning has been an issue in the past. We're predicting Ramy to finish in 7th.

6: Dallas McCarver.

When I think of Dallas McCarver, I think of the future of bodybuilding. However cracking into the top 5 of this years Mr. Olympia is a tough ask with names like Phil and Dexter still reigning supreme.

5: Justin Compton.

Justin Compton is a big Dark Horse at the 2016 Olympia. 2016 has undoubtably been his best year to date. After winning the Arnold Classic Asia, we're tipping Justin to just knock off Dallas and take a spot in the top 5.

4: Cedric McMilian.

After a second placing to Kai Greene at the 2016 Arnold, we're expecting Cedric to finish in the top 4 of this year Olympia

3: Dexter Jackson.

Dexter always brings in conditioning to a tee, however we're tipping him to come up short this year in 3rd.

2: Shawn Rhoden.

After almost de-crowning Phil Heath at the 2015 Olympia, Shawn didn't bring the aggressiveness to the stage during the comparisons and evidently came up short. We expect Shawn to be hungrier than ever this year and place a close second, possibly first if Phil doesn't bring his A-Game.

1: Phil Heath.

Phil is without doubt the favourite to take a 6th Olympia crown. After what could be called an average display in 2015, Phil narrowly scraped through to take the crown. However after such a close call we're expecting Phil to come in hungrier than ever and stamp his name down in the record books.

Whats your 2016 Mr Olympia Top 10 Prediction? Let us know in the comments below!

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