3 Exercises To Increase Your Deadlift

When it comes getting a bigger deadlift, there is much more too it than just maxing out every single week and hoping for the best. Here are 3 Exercises To Increase Your Deadlift:

1. The Deficit Deadlift:

If you don’t already do deficit deadlifts START! These are one of the best exercises you can do to help increase not only strength but explosiveness off the ground so that you can rip up deadlifts quicker and more efficiently.

Deficit deadlifts are best left as an accessory lift to your conventional deadlift and setup is easy. Simply add a 45lb plate underneath the middle of the bar facing downward so that it creates a flat even surface and you are set.

The degree of deficit is left solely up to the lifter, we recommend starting with one plate in the beginning but eventually you may work up to having the top of your foot making contact with the bar.

Obviously with a greater deficit comes a more precarious position and greater bar travel as well as more stress on the lower back and hamstrings.

The emphasis of the deficit should be on explosiveness, so reps of 1-5 are best suited for this exercise.

2. Good Mornings:

Of the 3 Exercises To Increase Your Deadlift the Good Morning is often one of the most forgotten exercises yet is one of the most beneficial.

The set up of a Good Morning is very similar to that of a barbell back squat. However you will need to ensure that your stance is slightly wider and that your hand placement is significantly wider to ensure the bar doesn’t slip forward and hit you in the back of the head.

Hinging at the hips with only a slight bend in the knees ensuring to keep an arched back as if you are bowing will ensure that the hamstrings receive the majority of the tension from this exercise.

The cross over effect to your deadlift will be significant, as the dominant muscles targeted during the exercise are the Hamstrings, Glutes and Core.

Mastering this exercise will cross over greatly to your ‘pop’ on the deadlift helping you increase lockout strength.

3. Pause Rep Deadlifts:

To increase your deadlift max, it is obvious that you need to DEADLIFT. And adding in another deadlift variation is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Pause rep deadlifts are a great addition to help build a strong lower back and to increase lockout strength.

The pause rep deadlift is a simple and effective movement. The setup is the same as a conventional deadlift, however the weight is lifted to the knees, then statically holding the weight for a second before exploding through the lockout phase

Once again as the pause rep deadlift emphasises explosiveness, the rep range should be kept low, between 3-5 will be most beneficial for increasing your deadlift lockout.

With the addition of these 3 Exercises To Increase Your Deadlift, you can be be assured that you will increase your speed of the floor and lockout strength within weeks!

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