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When the conversation of post-workout nutrition comes up, there is generally a lot of discrepancies. Some say protein immediately post-training as to not miss the 'Anabolic Window', others swear by quick carb sources such as a banana.

Spartansuppz is here to answer the dilemma and set the record straight. Providing you with the knowledge on how to prepare the perfect post-workout meal to help aid your recovery and lean muscle growth.

Post Workout Nutrition Basics

So lets set some groundwork on the basics of post workout nutrition. The whole premise of a post-workout meal or post workout supplementation is to help replenish all of the nutrients lost by your body during training. By doing this, our body is able to utilise the nutrients and repair and adapt to training.

So what exactly is lost during training? Quite a bit actually, firstly water and electrolytes are two big components which need to be replenished. Water and electrolytes play a big roll in controlling and maintaining muscle PH levels. So when these become depleted you can expect to notice lethargy and muscle cramping. As the high PH levels in your muscle restrict muscle contractions and can impair electrical impulses.

Carbohydrates are another nutrient that needs to be replenished post exercise. Carbs, or more specifically glycogen stores are the bodies preferred fuel source during non-explosive exercise. And this can often be quite depleted after intense bouts of exercise. For rapid resynthesis of glycogen, high GI carb sources are highly recommended post training. Allowing your body to refuel, ready for the next training session.

Protein is the main nutrient in which gym goers are crazy about post-training. And for good reason too, protein or amino acids are the building blocks for muscle. And thus are necessary for muscular repair especially after exercise.

So, What's The Best Post Workout Meal?

So with all that said and done, what makes up the best post workout meal?

At Spartansuppz we are big advocates of supplementation for aiding peak performance, so we feel that supplements can play a key role in the perfect post-training meal.

Our Best Post Workout Meal is going to actually be split into two separate 'meals', to help optimise muscular recovery, growth, and athlete satisfaction. These two meals are going to be as follows; Post workout supplement stack immediately post-training. Followed by a carbohydrate dense meal roughly 60 minutes post training.

So from the supplementation side, a fast absorbing Isolate is always going to be best post-training protein choice. We recommend UPS ISO85+. This is a fast absorbing Isolate/Hydrolyzed blend. Allowing for super fast uptake by the muscles. In addition to this, it also contains an electrolyte blend of sodium & potassium to help restore muscle PH.

To this, adding a scoop of Cyborg Sports Rocket Fuel can be beneficial for getting in some fast absorbing carbs to help replenish muscle glycogen stores to optimise recovery.

60 minutes after this we recommend consuming a more carbohydrate dense post workout meal. Roughly 1gm of carbs per kg of body mass is recommended to help maximise replenishment of muscle glycogen level. Adding into this some protein as well is ideal to help with the repair process, roughly 30-40g will be ideal.

So what would this look like on a plate? From a protein perspective, it's going to come down to something that is relatively lean, and that you know your body has no issue with digesting adequately. Often lean sources of meat like chicken are a great protein source for post training.

The carbohydrate source is best to come from some type of starchy carb source, such as rice or potatoes, which will help maximise muscle glycogen as opposed to fruit or fructose which will only impact on liver glycogen.

A combination of both of these post-training meals will help maximise recovery and put you on the right track to gaining muscle!

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