Albutarex V2 now even stronger!

Albutarex V2 is a high energy thermogenic fat burning supplement.

You may recall the original Albutarex caused quite a stir in the supplement game quickly becoming the fastest selling fat burner on the market.

It delivers hard hitting energy and mental focus you can really feel.

When it comes to burning body fat you can go about it a number of ways. Mutated Nation have opted for a muli-pathway fat burning approach to have you burning body fat throughout the day at a more optimal rate.

Mutated Nation have stepped it up with this new version of Albutarex V2.

This version is 2.5x stronger than previously with a compehrensive stimulant blend to have you feeling great while dropping body fat.

With ingredients like tyramine,higenamine and advantra z synephrine you'll have laser like focus for a number of hours.

Available in strawberry kiwi the flavour is light and refreshing. This is a drastic improvement over the original which to be honest wasn't the best tasting thing around.

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