Living a healthy lifestyle, involves keeping alcohol intake to a minimum.

However, we acknowledge there are times in life where a night out or function will involve an over the limit consumption of alcohol.

Unfortunately, the most common mistake that people make before heading out and know they will be consuming alcohol is....


Drinking on an empty stomach, definitely is not a good idea.

It is much safer and healthier to consume a meal before you head out. Consuming food will enable you to...

  • stay up longer and feel less lethargic
  • avoid a stronger hangover
  • potentially avoid regrettable behaviour


Here are some whole foods we recommend you eat before heading out...

*Keep in mind, that alcohol will dehydrate you. We recommend to consume water in between drinks.

Low Fat Yoghurt

Not only is yoghurt a versitile snack (you can have it as is, sprinkle with granola etc.) but a great healthy, quick, on the go snack option. It also has the benefits of providing a healthy amount of all macronutrients in one dish - carbohydrates, protein and fat. By consuming yoghurt, it will stick to the lining of your gut and will digest over 4-6hrs. This means you will have food in your body for a period of time.


When consuming alcohol it will deplete a large amount of your body's vitamin B-12 levels. So to keep these levels up, Salmon is a good food to intake before alcohol consumption. B-12 plays such an important role in bodily functions, in particular neurological functioning.


Alcohol consumption will also deplete stores of glycogen in the body. Glycogen is used as a quick energy provision for the body and is stored in the body. By consuming carbohydrates, such as pasta, it will help your glycogen levels stay full, as well as the stomach.


Chicken is full of protein. When you consume protein it takes longer for the body to digest it. So this means, if you consume food rich in protein, when you consume alcohol it will slow down the rate that your blood alcohol level will go up.


Avocado is rich and abundant with healthy fats! Fats are digested at a slower rate of carbs and will be in the body for a longer period of time. Foods high in fat will also slow down the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream.


Interesting fact for you... did you know the eggs are one of the best food to cure a hangover? Therefore, it is wise to consume eggs before a time out as it will lesson your headache the next day. Why is this? It is because eggs contain, essential amino acids which are crucial in helping breakdown alcohol in your system, helping the body to excrete the substance in the body.

The Break down...

So overall, it is important to consume foods high and rich in macronutrients.

So here is the breakdown...

  • Fats take longer to digest than carbs in the body
  • By consuming carbs you will help your glycogen levels stay full, as well as the stomach
  • By consuming protein it will slow down the rate that your blood alcohol level will go up.

By keeping food in your system before and during your time out, it will prevent feeling worse the following day and prevent you from getting silly to quickly.

Be safe, be smart and be responsible with your alcohol intake.

If you would like some further information on safe alcohol consumption specific to age, gender etc., you may like to view the following link...

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