Alcohol and Bodybuilding

Ever wondered how your weekend binge drinks are effecting your gains?

It's no secret that Alcohol isn't the greatest substance to consume if your goal is to gain muscle. But just how much of an effect is it actually having on your body?

As it turns out, theres a big effect that alcohol has on muscle gain including:

  • Decreased muscle protein synthesis. Meaning your recovery will significantly decrease as you consume alcohol. Think of all those wasted gains!
  • Alcohol actually slows down macro and micronutrient absorption! Meaning that all those precious proteins you consume post training are slowed down. Delaying the recovery time and hampering your muscle building capacity.
  • Dehydration's a well-known fact that alcohol can leave you feeling quite dehydrated. This can have some big consequences on your performance the following training session. With strength and energy levels being significantly lower.

So if alcohol has all these negative side effects, why did Arnold use to recommend that real men drink beer?

Alcohol and Bodybuilding

With all that said. We believe that moderation is key to all. So if you are planning on going out and having a night drinking, make sure you follow a few tips to help spare your gains:

  • Stay hydrated. There's nothing wrong with being that guy who has a glass of water in between beers.
  • Avoid binge eating. When intoxicated you are much more likely to binge eat on something that isn't macro friendly. Avoid the 2 am kebab, you're body will thank you for it in the morning.
  • If you have trained on the same day as you intend to drink. Make sure you give yourself a solid 90 minutes plus after you consume your post workout shake. This will allow the majority of it to be absorbed without being hampered by the alcohol.

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