All About Muscle Nations’ DESTINY Fat Burner

Fat burners can be amazingly helpful for getting rid of extra fat and give you the toned body you desire. When you combine the right product like Muscle Nation’s DESTINY fat Burner with proper exercise and a healthy diet, it can do wonders for your health and physique. Spartansuppz carries these and a range of Muscle Nation supplements.

Fat burners work like enhancers, giving your body the boost of energy it needs as it speeds up your metabolism. You must consume only the recommended dosage, so you do not overdo it.

About DESTINY Fat Burner

DESTINY is a highly effective formulation that contains 1,800 mg of Acetyl L-Carnitine (a fat metaboliser) per scoop. It has additional ingredients that speed-up the fat burning process. This product helps suppress your appetite while boosting metabolism. It also helps to improve energy, focus, and mood throughout the day.

DESTINY has Nootropics that fall in the "smart drugs" category. They enhance mental capacity, which in turn improves focus and alertness. With a great mood, sharp thinking, and consistent mental clarity, you will be happy and alert throughout the day. This helps a lot when you are working out too.

How to Consume It

It’s straightforward to use. All you have to do is mix the recommended amount in about 400ml of cold water. While it works wonders, it tastes delicious. The smooth, fresh flavours are delightful, and you can choose from different variants. You can take DESTINY either in a single/double serving as a pre-workout.

The Energy Aspect

When you take a fat burner, you want a clean driving energy source, without having to worry about the side-effects of caffeine. Muscle Nation’s formulation does just that. Muscle Nation DESTINY has 150 mg caffeine, 125 mg Dynamine™, and 40 mg Hordenine to ensure you get a clean and strong energy drive and boost throughout the day.

This incredible product doesn't have any borderline, rough, or harsh ingredients. You get a reliable, effective, and active fat burner that makes achieving your weight loss goals more manageable, and it tastes great too.

Super Carnitine Content for Fat Burning

DESTINY has GBBGO® (Gamma-Butyrobetaine HCl), which is a carnitine metaboliser. This ingredient helps the body produce as well as use more carnitine. It has 1,800 mg Acetyl L-Carnitine and 15 mg GBBGO®, which makes it the ultimate combination to boost your body's fat-burning capacities.

Acetyl L-Carnitine improves the mobility of the fat cells, and they can enter the muscle cells quickly. The process helps in transporting fatty acids into your muscles, where they are burned off in the form of energy.

The GBBGO® in Muscle Nation DESTINY functions like a carnitine supplement, but it also raises plasma levels. GBBGO® elevates & enhances the production of L-Carnitine in the body, which aids in calorie-burning.

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