Arcofuel: Cancer Myth

Arcofuel: Cancer Myth

We carry a number of products using Arcofuel (arecoline hydrobromine) so I wanted to clear up some myths and facts about this new stimulant.

Arcofuel (the synthesized extract of arecoline/betel nut) is a new stimulant which improves mental focus,endurance and euphoria. In short this really helps to switch you on and put you in a great state of mind to train.

Products that contain this ingredient include:

  • Blackstone Labs Dust V2
  • Dynamik Muscle Savage Roar
  • Run Everything Labs Destroy the Enemy

We expect to see it in a number of pre-workouts and fat burners in the coming months/years as well.

There have been some articles floating around stating this ingredient is carcinogenic and causes cancer.

The Studies

The study in question was completed on mice. Each mouse was given a 1mg dose 5 days a week for up to 25 months.

43% of the males in the study developed tumors.

Shocking I know, but let’s put this into context.

Human Dosing

To get an equivalent dose to what was used in the studies (referenced below) a 100kg male (‘most’ likely to get cancer according to the studies) would need to consume 5000mg of Arcofuel 5 days a week. A mouse weighs roughly 20gm on average so the dose administered in the study was 0.5% of their body weight. Calculate that out for a 100kg male and you would have 5000mg.

The highest dose seen in any of the above listed supplements is 4mg. To put this into perspective you would need to ingest 1250-1333 scoops of one of these products 5 days a week for at least 80 years.

For a little more perspective if you were to take in that many serve to get that you would also be getting 375,000mg of caffeine!

If you survived the first dose of that I think you could probably cure cancer.

Keep in mind you would need to take in that dose by chewing the nut, not taking the extract as used in the supplements.

Arcofuel: Cancer Myth Summary

To be honest,if you take enough of anything it will have an adverse affect. You can die from over hydration if you really try.

Do I think people will be getting from arcofuel? No, absolutely not.
If more research presents itself I’ll happily check it out and adjust my stance.

At this stage I think I have a high chance of getting skin cancer from the Macbook screen than I do from the scoop of Dust V2 I took pre-workout.


International Agency for Research on Cancer; “Betel-Quid and Areca-Nut Chewing”; IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans; Volume 85; 2004; Retrieved from

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