Arm Training With Rich Piana

Looking to grow some big arms? What kind of a question is that!? Every guy in the gym is!

If there is anyone who knows about how to get big arms its Rich Piana. Without doubt the most controversial name in bodybuilding Rich has some pretty out there ideas on growing muscle and life in general.

So whats his take on arm training? Arm Training With Rich Piana seems to defy most peoples perception of training. Some might even call his tactics for arm growth overtraining. We'll let you decide from the video

Arm Training With Rich Piana

Heres the Arm Training With Rich Piana Routine:


1x 100 Reps - Laying Skull Crushers.

1x 60 Reps - Hammer Curls.

Repeat for 3 sets, non-stop, no rest.

Rich recommends doing this every single night with a 15lb dumbbells, followed by going straight to bed thinking about muscle growth.

This is one of RIchs favourite tips for arm growth. Give it a try for yourself at home for a month and let us know what you think!

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