What is Noway Protein by ATP Science? 

Noway Protein by ATP Science is a revolutionary hypoallergenic protein supplement which is specifically formulated to deliver a massive protein dose and serious muscle- and recovery benefits, with zero gluten or dairy. 

Built solely from high quality Hydrolysed Collagen Protein Peptide (HCCP), Noway Protein is uniquely formulated with an ingredient blend which is already making waves in the sports supplement community and threatening to challenge the top spot that whey protein has held for so many years. 

Unlike many dairy based proteins, Noway Protein has a very high absorption rate and requires minimal digestion within your body, making it easier to break down and therefore more readily (and immediately) available for your muscles. Noway Protein even contains collagen peptides to boost natural collagen production, which supports healthy skin, hair, and joint function. 

How does it work?

Noway Protein is a scientifically advanced protein peptide formula which is designed to fulfil macronutrient requirements by providing a hefty protein dose, without compromising on taste or ingredient quality.

Noway Protein is 100% plant based so suitable for vegans and vegetarians - but even seasoned carnivores may see the benefits of moving to this totally animal-free formula, because of its incredibly high absorption rate and the ease with which our body can break down and utilise its protein content.

We all know protein is essential to both muscle growth and post-training recovery, and thanks to the addition of collagen Noway Protein even helps support thick, shiny hair, better skin, and more mobile and flexible joints.

Who is Noway Protein suitable for?
Noway Protein is a new favourite amongst the plant-based bodybuilding community, so whether you abstain from animal products for ethical, spiritual or environmental reasons, this one’s for you!

Even if you don’t follow a plant-based dietary regime, relying on Noway Protein rather than a traditional whey blend still serves a huge benefit - because it is more easily digested and absorbed, Noway Protein will not cause the same digestive distress, bloating and indigestion associated with many animal proteins, and has shown to be faster absorbing for more immediate post-training uptake.

When should I use it?
As with all of our products, we recommend you adhere to manufacturer guidelines when consuming Noway Protein.
Like its cousins in the whey protein community, Noway Protein is best taken straight after a heavy training session, so your depleted muscles can instantly utilise the available protein compounds to repair and recover affected muscle tissue.

Our thoughts
One of the best things about the plant-based lifestyle becoming so mainstream is that there is now enough of a market for the world’s largest sports nutrition brands to formulate vegan blends.

ATP Science has hit it out of the park with Noway Protein - it’s an incredibly effective blend for muscular power, endurance, and post-session repair. Backed by serious sports science, studies have even shown that this plant-based protein can out-perform traditional whey protein by up to 3x when it comes to building lean muscle!

And because it is rich in collagen and doesn’t contain dairy or gluten, which are known dietary allergens, Noway Protein is gentle on digestion, immediately effective, and has broader benefits to overall health, appearance and fitness.



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