Bad Eating Habits

Let’s be honest, we don't always choose the healthiest option, indulge in food we know we shouldn't have or are guilty of bad eating habits.

When we eat badly, it is mostly blamed on ‘not having time’, 'convienience' or realistically comes down to ‘laziness’.

Let’s go trough some ‘bad’ habits.... Some, without you actually realising, are causing you more harm than good!

Eating regularly helps maintain steady sugar levels, offers a steady fuel supply to the body and avoids sudden spikes or dips in energy levels.

Skipping meals decreases your chance of not consuming enough vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, skipping meals encourages you to binge later on, and often these food choices are not healthiest ones.

For many, breakfast is the most common meal that people skip. For those often seeking to lose weight, this is the number one mistake!

When you eat to fast, you are more than likely to over eat. This is likely to occur as you are not digesting your food properly. You are also not allowing and giving your body a chance to communicate with you sending yourself the message 'stop eating'.

While you are guzzling down your food you are also inclined to swallow air which will potentially lead to feeling uncomfortable, bloated and gassy.

It is also suggested to avoid drinking large amounts of fluid while eating. This is because you don’t want to dilute your stomach's digestive juices which are meant to help digest your food efficiently.

We highly recommend to avoid fizzy drinks, alcohol, sparkling water etc. along with food consumption as this will bloat you and these fluids are not part of a ‘healthy diet’.

As stated, skipping meals are often due to having to one, ‘not having enough time’ to prepare a meal, or ‘rushing’ to get to where you need to be. Due to these circumstances, we often lead to convienience which is often packaged, fast food and coincidentally packed with additives, preservatives and little nutritional value.

Eating food on the run can be a problem as…

  • You will have little control over what you are eating
  • You will often eat something high in fat, sugar and salt
  • Likely to overeat
  • As you are eating on the run you are not concentrating on your food and may not get your ‘I'm full’ message
  • Not chewing your food will have you not digesting the food properly therefore will have you suffer either indigestion, gas or bloating due to more air intake
  • EXPENSIVE – generally it is much cheaper to cook yourself and buying 'take out' will add up over time

Now days, it is not very common for family members to ‘eat together’. By family members not eating together, it encourages family members to grab something more convenient or heat up individual frozen meals. So cooking a meal and eating together while having the benefit of ‘bonding’ can discourage bad eating habits.

Sadly, many people are often sucked in by the latest fad diets available. Generally, majority are neither safe nor effective.

Initially people who try these diets lose weight but due to the diets often depriving yourself foods, due to being terribly low in calories, at the end of the diet, program or challenge, people will often revert back to their old way, resulting in the weight lost being put back on. This is know as ‘yo-yo dieting’.

Being on rapid weight loss diets not designed specifically for your individual needs decrease your intake of crucial vitamins and minerals.

Low diets also make one lethargic, moody and constantly hungry which is most definitely not healthy.

Also the cut out of food not only result in deficiencies but intolerances. Eliminating a food from the diet, when eating the food after a while of not having will create a reaction and the body will most likely become sensitive towards it.

Create a healthy obsession with food – being pedantic about calories or foods you eat is not a healthy state of mind. Food is here to nourish us, supply with vitamins and minerals, keep us strong, healthy and happy.

Focus’ on look as apposed to nutrition.

To avoid bad eating habits, we suggest looking at your lifestyle. Be honest with yourself and pin point where you know you are going wrong.

If you have a particular goal in mind, to gain or lose weight for example, we advise seeking expert nutritional advice and one who can design a program and ensure your diet suits you individually and your goals.

Only keep 'healthy' food in available in the pantry or fridge to avoid temptation. You can't reach for food that is not there, right?!

Overall Tips...

  • Eat regularly
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Eat slow and steady, chew and bite and swallow your food
  • Try not to eat ‘on the run’
  • Be weary of fad diets


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