Battle of the 212 Olympia

While the Olympia spotlight has been set on Kai Green these past few weeks, you can’t forget about the Battle of the 212 Olympia.

The Olympia has always been dominated by the heavy weights. Arnold, Ronnie Coleman, and now Phil Heath. But while they may be the main attraction of the Olympia weekend there are many other attractions that bring fans from all across the country.

Crossfit games, fitness models, powerlifting exhibitions and the strongman are just a few of the other events on offer.

But not many compare to the experience that is the Battle of the 212 Olympia. Made famous by the likes of the infamous Lee Priest. The Battle of the 212 Olympia packs all the excitement of the regular Olympia into the weight constraints of the 212lb class.

The Battle of the 212 Olympia is a hotly competed class with several top bodybuilders who could easily take the crown. Competing for a $65,000 cash prize, the second biggest winners purse of the weekend.

One of the top candidates to take out the title and be a repeat winner is Flex Lewis. Flex has established himself as one of the greatest 212lb bodybuilders in history. And looks determined to take out the title once again.

Standing in his way however is a host of eligible competitors. Including Spartansuppz good friend Jose Raymond. Jose is coming fresh off a win at the 2014 Arnold Classic and looks set to bring an even more exciting package this year to the Battle of the 212 Olympia. After a top 3 placing last year, no doubt Jose will be hungry for the win.

In the mix as well is Blackstone Labs sponsored athlete Aaron Clarke. Aaron is an up and coming 212 athlete who could cause a stir among the top placings. After finishing 8th at last years Olympia Aaron will be hungry to place higher.

Who do you think will take the title this year? Leave your comments on the Battle of the 212 Olympia below!

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