Battle Ropes

Battle Ropes

If you have finished your main upper boy workout, and you are still searching for one last exercise to add in to help get the heart rate going and also add a serious pump in your arms...... You cant go past a quick burst using the Battle Ropes.

There are loads of different ways in which you can use the Battle Ropes, different techniques you can use and time intervals to play around with. Below you will find one example workout using the ropes.

You will use two different techniques during this workout:

Singles - alternating swing with each arm

Doubles - Both arms swinging at the same time


This quick workout will get your arms burning!

Effort = 25 seconds singles - 5 seconds rest - 25 seconds doubles


Complete 5 efforts with 30 seconds rest between each effort.

total session duration will be 8minutes


Add this Battle Rope finisher to the end of your next workout in the gym and see if you can get through all of it. Be prepared for a serious arm pump!

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