BCAA Supplements

Let us explain simply, the 101 on 'Branch Chain Amino Acid's' or more commonly referred to as BCAA Supplements.

What are they? | BCAA Supplements are a blend of amino acids that work synergistically to boost muscle protein synthesis and recovery.

BCAA's refer to three amino acids:

  • Leucine
  • Isoleucine
  • Valine

When to Take | BCAA's are a very versatile supplement. However, the most beneficial time to take a BCAA is during training time. You can also supplement BCAA's...

  • Between meals (will prevent your body from entering a catabolic state where your muscles waste away)
  • With Meals
  • Before and after a workout
  • While working - will keep you hydrated while providing endurance
  • Upon awakening - as you have been asleep in a fasted state for several hours, it is great to replenish your stores!
  • When a sugar craving hits - a BCAA is a carb-less, low calorie, no sugar drink but still tastes delicious!
  • To suppress appetite

Dosages per Day | As mentioned, a BCAA is most beneficially consumed during training. However, it can be taken practically any time throughout the day. You could consume several throughout the day and it would be no harm, only benefits.

Are there Side Effects? | They are completely safe, there are no side effects.

What it Does/Benefits? |

  • Maximizes muscle performance
  • Aids in protein synthesis
  • Prevent muscle break down (catabolism)
  • Decreasing delayed onset of muscle soreness DOMS
  • Improves training motivation and strength
  • Combats fatigue
  • Supports hormone balance during training
  • Aids in fat loss
  • Restores and replenished nutrients

** These factors are all heightened when BCAA's are supplemented throughout a workout as the muscles are more receptive during this time.

Conclusion | Supplementing BCAA's result in both measurable and indirect gains.

BCAA's main benefits are they help with recovery, endurance, reduce fatigue & rehydration.

The body can not naturally produce BCAA's, therefore, it is crucial they are acquired through diet.

BCAA's are particularly needed for the maintenance of muscle tissue. Whether you are an athlete, recovering from an operation or older in age... muscle maintenance is extremely important to upkeep to keep us healthy and strong!


BCAA's are such a wonderful versatile supplement filled with great benefits... definitely a staple we should all have in our diets.

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