Beginner Barbell Training

The Beginners Guide to Strength Training

One of the most frequent questions you get working in the fitness industry in particular within in a gym is “where do I start?”.

A common question which for many is simple but for others quite difficult. One of the first steps is to identify what your specific goals are. Do you want to get bigger, do you want to lose weight? While the training for these goals doesn’t have to differentiate significantly, the diet factors will.

For any beginner looking to gain strength in the gym learning the basic fundamental barbell patterns is essential.

Too many beginners head straight to the dumbbells and curl until there arms fall off until day in day out and get no progress except for a sweet pump.

Learning the Basic Beginner Barbell Training barbell movements such as the Barbell Back Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Over Head Press and Barbell Row should make up the fundamental movements for the first three months of training.

These movements are commonly referred to as ‘compound lifts’ as they incorporate numerous muscle groups and thus are more efficient for strength and size gains.

Not to mention that these compound lifts will help strengthen the your muscles neurological development, which essentially means that your muscle fibres and neurons become more adapted to being under heavy tension and stress.

This makes the muscles not only much stronger but more adaptable to progressive overload and muscle size gains.

Some notable Beginner Barbell Training programs to learn the fundamentals of barbell training include Mark Riptoes ‘Starting Strength’ and ‘StrongLifts 5×5’.

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