Benefits of Knee Sleeves

Without doubt the Barbell Squat is one of the most beneficial exercises for muscular development, however when it comes to risk of injury, they are also one of the most risky if performed incorrectly.

One of the most common areas for injury is the knees, either through poor form or just general wear and tear from years of training.

To prevent further injury and to protect from future injury, we recommend using a high quality neoprene knee sleeve!

Knee sleeves are one of the best accessories you could invest in for injury reduction and general performance.

Here's our Top Benefits of Knee Sleeves


A good high quality sleeve, like the Spartans Strong sleeves are designed to keep the knee joint stable during lifts.

This stabilisation occurs due to the form fitting neoprene material which locks the knee in place, making it almost impossible for it to buckle.

Injury Prevention

When it comes to injury prevention, the Spartans Knee Sleeves reign supreme. Stabilising the joint significantly reduces your risk if knee injury and wear and tear.

Not only that, but the tight compression of the sleeves also promotes blood flow to the area. Allowing for more oxygen, and better recovery.


Whether it's a performance boost from mentally knowing your knees are protected. Or the slight added bounce out of the bottom of a squat, you can't argue that performance on leg movements is enhanced when using a high quality knee sleeve.

How do I use Knee Sleeves?

We recommend using your knee sleeves on compound lower limb exercises. So barbell squats, front squats and lunges would be ideal with knee sleeves.

Using a knee sleeve in accessory lifts such as leg extensions or calf raises will offer minimal to no benefit so save them for the big movements.

What Knee Sleeves do we Recommend?

At Spartans we offer a range of high quality knee sleeves!

If your a serious lifter looking to compete or add some pounds to your squat. Than we recommend using a thicker sleeve such as the Spartans Performance Sleeve, or the Slingshot STrong sleeve.

The thicker build will offer more support and performance, especially on maximal effort lifts.

For training purposes or novice lifters, than a lighter training sleeve is better suited. For this we would recommend the Spartans Training Sleeve, or the Slingshot Training Sleeve.

The light weight build is comfortable, non-irritating and can be worn throughout the entire session!

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