Benefits of Low Carb Diets


The benefits of low carb diets are abundant, but it seems the whole world has jumped on the ‘carbs are evil’ bandwagon in one way or another.

If you are considering giving the Low Carb lifestyle a go you will find that there are many benefits to it.

Below our team has listed just a few to get you started. As with any diet change make sure you always do your own research into it fully to ensure that it is suitable for you and your lifestyle before undertaking a big change.

Here are our Top 4 Benefits of Low Carb Diets

1. Lower blood sugar and insulin levels

Eating carbohydrates have a huge impact on our insulin and blood sugar levels. Reducing carbohydrates in your diet has a direct correlation in lowering blood sugar levels and insulin.

High sugar levels play a part in many chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes, cancer, dementia and a variety of cardiovascular diseases.

By decreasing carb intake in your diet, blood sugar levels are more stable and insulin peaks and troughs minimized. This is incredibly beneficial for people who live with both types of diabetes and those with insulin resistance issues.

2. Reduced Hunger

Eating a diet lower in carbohydrates will result in an increased sense of satiety due to balanced blood sugar levels.

Comparatively to higher carb diets where the influx of carbohydrates and cause a spike in insulin and make cravings kick in.

Studies have shown that those who ate a lower carbohydrate diet are generally less bothered by hunger than those who engaged in a higher carbohydrate diet plan.

Due to the caloric density of dietary fat, anyone who has adopted a low-carb diet will note that they feel satisfied for longer. A diet high in healthy fats can keep cravings at bay.

3. Heart Health

Eating with a low carb lifestyle can have a hugely positive impact on a number of heart disease risk factors. Specifically, reduction in triglycerides (a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease) and increase the concentrations of good cholesterol.

In addition to this, they lead to a reduction in blood sugar, insulin, and general inflammation in the body; all of these things can be harmful to the heart.

Moreover, another huge positive is weight loss, since having a higher level of body fat and being obese can increase cardiovascular risk.

4. Weight Loss

In its most simple form, the low carb diet has you eating plenty of healthy animal foods as well as nutrient-dense plant-based foods. It is recommended that you opt for an increase in plant-based foods as well, to ensure you are getting adequate micronutrients.

As an example look at spinach or carrots; they are full of nutrients yet very low in digestible carbohydrates (which turn to sugar in the body). By the same token, if we examine bread or rice then sure, they do have some nutrients but are nowhere near as dense in nutrients as your spinach and carrot alternatives. On top of that, they also contain a huge amount of digestible carbohydrate which raises blood sugars very abruptly.

It’s also worth mentioning a huge mistake people make when they begin a low carb diet plan. People forget to replace their reduced carbs with enough healthy sources of fat.

As a result of this, people feel terrible and struggle through the day with a lack of energy and huge food cravings which ends up in short-term adhesion to a program and big binge sessions.

Benefits of Low Carb Diets Summary

So, if your weight loss has hit a plateau and you are struggling to drop those extra pounds from winter, is low carb dieting a suitable option?

We think yes! Living the low carb lifestyle can have numerous health benefits aside from just weight loss. You may also notice an increase in energy throughout the day and a general better sense of wellbeing.

If you feel like you can appropriately balance your lower carbohydrate diet into your lifestyle than we recommend giving it a try and letting the Spartans team know how it works for you!

Supplements to Increase Your Low Carb Diet Results

  • Redcon1 - Isotope: Low carb whey protein isolate for muscle growth and recovery.
  • Blackstone Labs - Trojan Horse: A great stimulant free fat burner which will aide weightloss and help stabilize your blood sugar levels even more so.
  • Hybrid Nutrition - Aminoade: A well-rounded intra-workout that will help reduce soreness from training and increase hydration throughout your workouts.

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