Best Post Workout Supplements


Most of us all use a pre-workout to increase performance output but what about implementing a post-workout supplement to increase recovery times and help you get back into the gym again sooner?

So let's begin by listing the main traits and functions that post workout supplements generally possess and what are the stand out ingredients that you should be looking for when selecting the right post-workout supplement for you specifically.

The following ingredients/formulas are what we would consider being essential in terms of post-workout supplementation, these will aid with muscle recovery, prevent the break down of muscle tissue (catabolism) and help with nutrient partitioning so your body is able to utilize what it needs when it needs it.

Whey Protein Isolate

First and foremost we have whey protein isolate, protein is essential in aiding muscle recovery and promoting anabolism (muscle growth). In terms of the benefits of whey protein isolate, it is a fast digesting highly refined source of protein that contains next to no lactose.

This is an added bonus for those with intolerances or sensitive stomachs, making it an easy alternative to ensure that the consumer is ensuring they hit their protein requirements for the day to maximise muscle recovery.

Here are a few products that fit the criteria perfectly to optimize recovery

- Redcon1, Isotope

- Rule 1, R1 protein

- EHP Labs, Isopept

Optimizing Glycogen Replenishment

Now that we have the protein intake is taken care of its time to look towards optimizing glycogen replenishment to refuel your muscles.

Glycogen is in short fuel for your muscles, every muscle has a glycogen capacity in which it utilizes to help you get through those muscularly fatiguing workouts.

In order to perform at your peak its advantageous to ensure these capacities are filled as much as possible so your body never goes into a fully depleted state during your training.

So how do we go about filling or refuelling these glycogen storages you may ask? one simple word, carbs! carbohydrates are broken down into glucose once absorbed by the body and then in the case of having a depleted storage (which you will after a muscular fatiguing exercise) stored as glycogen.

Post-workout carbohydrates also play a role in partitioning nutrients into the muscle cells by spiking insulin levels, which in turn increase the rate at which nutrients are uptaken making your whey protein isolate work even harder for you.

Here are some prime examples of supplements that will greatly aid in replenishing those depleted glycogen storages and much more.

- Redcon1, Clusterbomb

- Steel, Adabolic

- Scitec Nutrition, Virtago

- Gen-Tec, pure carbs


So in conclusion to previously mentioned, both protein and carbs are needed to optimize recovery and performance. the synergism between both whey protein isolates muscle cell repairing properties and carbohydrates glycogen replenishment and nutrient partitioning traits make a perfect stack to help you reach your training goals and optimise recovery needs.

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