Big Ramy Transformation

If you like to lift then no doubt you’ve heard of the Egyptian monster MamDouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay.

This is one seriously large human.

What’s amazing is the amount and rate he has grown.

The above photo is roughly 4 years difference!

Ramy is now one of the biggest bodybuilders on the planet and seems to be growing out of control!

Big Ramy competed in the 2015 Mr Olympia at 315lbs (143kg) on stage. This is the heaviest Olympia competitor ever seen and his placings continue to climb.

Big Ramy Transformation

In the left hand side of this photo (2010) Ramy was roughly 240lbs off season. He now gets around at #334lbs quite lean!

That’s a 100lbs of muscle mass! Big Ramy Transformation is the most extreme we’ve ever seen.

Ramy is said to have a myostatin deficiency which would help explain some of his super human size and rapid growth.

Do you think Ramy can win the Mr Olympia contest?

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