Bike finisher

Stationary Bike Finisher

After you have finished your main strength workout and you are looking to do some extra 'cardio' .... Do not do a slow easy 30min cycle on the bike. This will actually achieve nothing, apart from wasting time.

If you are after a decent finisher using the bike keep reading.


Set up the stationary bike to desired heights and positions to suit you best. Start with an easy 2-3min spin just to get the legs ticking over just with light resistance.

Main session:

Effort = 8 seconds on fast - 12 seconds off slow

completed with light resistance, enough so it is slightly hard to pedal but when at pace legs aren't going crazy.

Session = 30 efforts

Total session duration = 10minutes.


This session would be a great addition to finish your leg work out with. It will help to increase your lower bodys work capacity as well as increasing the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. As the body aims to replenish the oxygen deficit it is placed in after the bike session. Meaning you are still working even when the exercise has stopped.

Try it out next time you are in the gym.

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