Blackstone Labs Anesthetized now in stock

Here at HQ we are big fans of the Blackstone Labs range.

They make some seriously effective products so when they let us know they were releasing 3 new products before the end of the year-we were excited to say the least.

Introducing Anesthetized-the most potent sleep product currently on the supplement market.

This combines the formula we already loved in Prime Nutrition Sleep/GH and adds in an effective dose of phenibut for deeper REM sleep.

If you have ever used phenibut before you sleep like never before and 1 serve of this will have you out cold and waking up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Sleep is extremely important and under rated and a factor not often considered in most peoples supplement regimen.

We’d urge you to give this product a try-you will sleep so well and wake up ready to go with better energy levels and mood throughout the day.

This is not something you would use every single day of the week-but should be saved for those nights when you really need some good sleep or have had a big workout. For example if you trained legs that day this would be the perfect night to take Anethetized to ensure you get to sleep quickly and optimize your body for great recovery.

Sleep formulas are notorious for being quite nasty-but the flavour on this one from Blackstone Labs is delicious and by far the best on the market.

BSL have done it again with another killer product in Anesthetized. We’d recommend this to anyone with trouble sleeping or even those just wanting to optimise their recovery.

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