Blackstone Labs Anogenin lands

Blackstone Labs Anogenin now in stock!

It’s not every day a product that will change a category lands-but when Anogenin is delivered it is one of those days.

Our warehouse team were amped to see this come in as although this is one of the smallest supplements in our range-it is also one of the most effective when it comes to building muscle mass.

What is Anogenin?

Anogenin is a naturally occuring plant steroid which derives an ingredient called laxogenin.

This is 100% non-hormonal so it suitable for both men and women and can also be used in conjunction with any other testosterone boosting supplement such as Eradicate or Apex Male.

Anogenin is a very unique product in that it basically works in the same way as steroids without altering hormonal functions or producing any liver issues like many prohormones would.

This product increases nitrogen retention in the body which means you will better digest and utilise your nutrient intake.

What does that mean for you?

Faster muscle gains and better recovery!

In addition to the dramatic increase (200% for your reference) in protein synthesis Anogenin also increases your metabolic rate meaning you will be able to take in more calories and still stay lean or even drop body fat.

This is one of the most cutting edge supplements on the market and we feel this will make a big splash in the industry over the coming months.

When it comes to making supplements that work Blackstone Labs lead the pack and are bringing out some of the most innovative products on the market. Expect to see alot more of this partnership over the coming months.

Anogenin is available now @

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