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Blackstone Glycolog

Blackstone Labs - Glycolog

We're pumped to have this powerful nutrient partitioning agent in stock and ready to ship worldwide.

When it comes to building muscle and preventing the breakdown of muscle insulin is one of the most powerful hormones in the body.

It acts as a nutrient driver shoving essential nutrients into muscles where they are actually needed to help fuel performance and recovery.

This is exactly what Glycolog aims to take advantage of.

Blackstone Labs have really stepped it up with this product and dosed it very highly with well researched and proven ingredients.

This was formulated by in house developer The Guerrilla Chemist so you know the product has the science to back up the claims.

Insulin is the primary hormone which determines where nutrients are actually used for building muscle or depositing those nutrients as body fat.

Glycolog acts as a nutrient partitioner. It up regulates the enzymes which control the amount of amino acids (protein) and glucose (carbohydrates) a muscle can add.

What does this mean? More muscle, better workout performance and less body fat!

This does not alter hormones like estrogen or testosterone so can be added to literally any supplement stack no matter what the goal is.

We were fortunate enough to try this before the launch and can vouch that you'll notice the results from the very first serve.

We'd recommend taking 1 serve (3 capsules) with your two highest carbohydrate meals of the day. Ideally one of these would be your pre-workout meal.

From the very first serve you will notice a dramatic elevation in workout performance. This is not a stimulant type of energy just a real drive to perform better.

The real standout of this product are the pumps are crazy! Try this with your pre-workout meal before your next workout and you'll see why there is so much buzz about this supplement.

For more information on Blackstone Labs Glycolog visit the product page here.

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