Blackstone Labs Gycolog coming soon

Blackstone Labs Gylcolog is the latest new product from this fast moving supplement brand.

These guys don't mess about with 3 new products dropping within just 1 month!

They're continually pushing the envelope of science and product development to bring you the consumer the best possible supplements.

Glycolog is an insulin mimicker and nutrient partitioner. Blackstone Labs sister company Prime Nutrition have a similar product Partition-MD but you know it had to be taken to a whole new level for Blackstone. With chief science officer The Guerrilla Chemist now working in house at Blackstone product development has gone into overdrive.

Glycolog aims to maximize the insulin response and nutrient partitioning to the muscles.

This is a very important process when it comes to post-workout recovery. Insulin is a very powerful anti-catabolic hormone which not only has the capacity to dramaticaly enhance nutrient delivery to the muscles but also blunt cortisol/catabolism around training.

Improving insulin sensitivity is very beneficial for muscle recovery and fat loss.

This has been a long time in the making but you can expect Glycolog to be one of if not the strongest nutrient partitioning insulin mimickers on the market.

These guys don't mess about when it comes to supplementation and Blackstone Labs Glycolog looks to be another innovative performance boosting compound.

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