Blackstone Labs Supplements

Blackstone Labs have quickly established themselves as makers of some of the most hardcore sports supplements on the market today.

Starting off in the prohormone game they were labelled a one dimensional company. Today nothing could be further from the truth as Blackstone Labs has become a dominant force in the mainstream whilst maintaining their hardcore fanbase with cutting edge supplements.

Lead by President PJ Braun Blackstone set about delivering the best possible supplements and even creating categories to bring products in to.

Recently Blackstone brought on Chief Scientist The Guerrilla Chemist to ensure they stay ahead of the curve and continue to lead the innovation game.

Although they initially started out with primarily hormonal products Blackstone Labs now have an extensive product line including pre-workouts, fat burners, amino acids, testosterone boosters, sleep aids and protein powders to name a few.

Known for being the most hardcore brand in bodybuilding supplements this is a company that delivers results.

The first time you take a product from this range you'll see what all the hype is about.

Cutting edge ingredients,effect dosing and industry leading flavours mean you get the best quality product that delivers results.

At present the range includes:



Apex Male

Gear Support


Cobra 6p Powder



Dust V2




Trojan Horse

Hype V2


Dust Extreme


Formula 19

Juiced Up


With products such as their Dust V2 pre-workout achieving cult status for its ability to deliver hard hitting energy,amazing focus,proven performance boosters,crazy pumps & the best flavours in the category.

If you want supplements that deliver results you can feel without the hype then this is a must try brand.

Spend over $100 to receive free shipping anywhere in Australia or take advantage of the international shipping to over 150 countries from just $9.95.

For more information on this hardcore brand visit here: Blackstone Labs

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