Blackstone Labs Trojan Horse coming soon!

When it comes to making badass supplements they don't get any better than Blackstone Labs.These guys have stepped it up a notch with another new product line to add to their already extensive range.

Blackstone Labs Trojan Horse is a non-stimulant fat burning supplement. As you may know they already have Cobra 6p Extreme Powder which is a very strong,high energy thermogenic fat burner. Trojan Horse however is attacking the fat burning puzzle from a completely different angle.

At first glance this looks to be a well formulated non-stimulant fat burner to increase the use of fat as an energy source,increase utilisation of glucose and maintain better blood sugar levels.

There's no expected release date just yet for Trojan Horse but you can be sure as soon as this exciting new fat metaboliser into the warehouse.

Check out the sneak preview details on Blackstone Labs Trojan Horse here.

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