Bloating... It is an awful, uncomfortable experience. Bloating is when gas accumulates in your digestive system causing your stomach to protrude.

Now, don't mistake feeling bloating in the instance you have just eaten a heavy meal and are full. Some, unfortunately feel bloated all the time.

The following are some common factors as to why you may be experiencing bloating.


Water is responsible for many bodily functions. If you are insufficient in water, the body can react in a number of ways, one being bloating.

When you are low in fluid, your organisms begin soaking up all the liquid in your body. This causes fluid retention which can lead to bloating.
Be wary of drinks such as alcohol and caffeinated beverages as they dehydrate you.

So we ask you to ensure you are consuming enough water daily. Not only to prevent bloating but for an overall general health and wellbeing issue. The body is composed of 70% water. Doesn't this stress how much you need it?!
You may be interested in our Spartan Jugs. They are 2.2L jugs to ensure you are drinking enough fluid throughout the day. Aim drink one bottle of fluid a day, if you can do more, that is great!


When you are constipation, it is commonly a sign of...

  • Inadequate water intake
  • Inadequate fibre in the diet
  • You are eating too much fibre
  • A disruption of regular diet or routine; traveling
  • Inadequate activity or exercise or immobility
  • A food intolerance
  • Eating large amounts of dairy products
  • Stress

When you are constipated, gases remain locked in, blocking you up which results in bloating. To fix the issue, you may consider some of the common reasons and see if any are potentially applicable to you.


Simply, stress isn't good for anyone or anything. Excessive stress can cause bloating. This happens as stress affection your digestive system. It's easier said than done but try to lower what it is exactly that may be causing you stress.

ATP Science Cort RX

If you experience high stress levels, you may be interested in Cort RX. This product has been designed to optimise the adrenal system and support better general function as well as reducing stress response. It helps maintain healthy cortisol levels.

Slow Down

It is simple, if you gobble down your food, your body is not going to digest your food efficiently and will lead to bloating.

Focus on eating slowly, appreciating your food. By eating slowly you body also has a chance to communicate with your brain allowing it to say 'I'm full' and prevent overeating.

Sugar & Carbs

To much of either sugar and carbs can cause bloating. It's simple to address this issue... cut down on either which you know you are having to much of.

Protein Shakes

It is very common that people find protein makes them bloat. This is a symptom you should take seriously. If you are bloating it means your body wasn't able to digest. It could also mean your protein is not of high quality or you are lactose intolerant or sensitive. Once again, it is important to pin point the issue then see what other option may be for you.

You may be interested in APTech Hydro pep Protein which is lactose free, causes no bloating and is easy to digest!


Feeling bloated is not fun nor convenient. If you think your bloating may be due to one of the following issues, we hope you can fix it. If you can't pin point the issue we advise seeing a profession GP to help you assess the issue.

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