Bodybuilding Breakfast

To a bodybuilder maintaining or growing their physique, nutrition is key. Of course other factors such as a dedicated, intense training program and an overall healthy lifestyle contribute, however the truth is, without a nutritious diet, you will most likely not see quality results.

Regardless of what your goal may be... whether it be to bulk up, lean out etc. consumption of the right foods upon wakening is crucial.

So, let's go over and talk how you should start the day right, with meal 1, breakfast...


Upon wakening, you wake up fasted having gone hours without food and nutrients. The first thing you put into your body, it is going to be absorbed very well by the body.

So consuming protein in the morning is crucial and very beneficial. It will prevent any potential catabolism (muscle wastage/breakdown) and encourage the body to maintain and build muscle.

It is important to ensure the quality of your protein is at high standards. Foods such as eggs, chicken, beef are all great whole food options, others a good quality protein could also be sufficient.


So yes, the most important macronutrient you can consume as your first meal is protein. However, that doesn't mean you should skimp on the the other too macronutrients carbs or fats.

Consuming slow burning carbs upon wakening will provide you with sustained energy throughout the day.

Slow burning carbs include foods such as fruit, vegetables, beans, legumes and whole grains. For example...

  • Beans and Legumes: Black Beans. Butter Beans. Cannellini beans etc.
  • Whole Grain Breads and Cereals: Sourdough Bread. Rye Bread. Pumpernickel etc.
  • Grains: Barley. Buckwheat etc.
  • Pasta and Rice: Whole grain pasta. Brown rice. etc.
  • Veggies: Artichokes. Asparagus. etc.


For most people consuming a carb + protein breakfast is a popular conjunction. However, we ask people not to forget your fats!

Have you ever noticed yourself feeling hungry and stomach grumbling shortly after your first meal? This could indicate you need to add some form of healthy fats to your meal.

Consuming fats upon wakening will help keep you fuller for longer. Fats also provide the health benefits of lowering cholesterol, reducing risk of stroke and diabetes and helps with cognitive function.

For those who have a goal of getting lean, a high protein + fat breakfast is a popular conjunction. There have been studies showing, those who consumed a protein + fat breakfast, opposed to those that consumed nothing, actually lose and burn more calories and weight overall!

Breakfast Macros

To ensure you improve fullness throughout the day, halt catabolism and increase protein synthesis, we recommend consuming...

  • 30-40grams of high quality protein
  • Less than 30g of carb of slow burning carbs
  • About 20 grams of fat, or 40-45 perfect of the total breakfast calories

There macros are a indication of a healthy, balanced, nutritious, lean muscle, body building breakfast.

Happy eating days ahead!



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As stated, healthy fats provide many benefits (particularly if consumed in the morning). The body does not naturally produce fats, therefore they need to be consumed through diet and/or supplements.


Branched Chain Amino Acids signal protein synthesis for rapid muscle recovery & repair. Consuming upon wakening is very beneficial. As you have been without food and nutrients for a long period of time BCAA's will help replenish lost muscle stores. They are also a delicious drink to have along side your breakfast meal.

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