Build MASSive Triceps

Every one wants to have sleeve hugging arms. Arms that turn heads both in and out of the gym. Most people turn to bicep curls to achieve this, when really the key is to build massive triceps.

There’s an age old saying that the Tricep makes up 2/3 of your arm mass. If this isn’t enough motivation for you to train your triceps more frequently than I don’t know what is! Heres Spartansuppz top 5 exercises to build MASSive Triceps.

How to Build MASSive Triceps

One of the most important factors you need to consider when trying to gain tricep mass. Is that the tricep has 3 heads (hence the tri). This means that you need to factor into your training exercises that will hit each three so that they grow evenly. To build massive triceps, even growth is the key.

Exercise One: Dips

Dips are one of the most essential exercises for tricep development. Not only will they hit all three heads evenly, but they require minimal equipment. Start off with dips at bodyweight. Then as you overload, test out different hand positions as well as adding weight.

Exercise Two: Close Grip Benchpress

The close grip bench press is a great addition to any tricep routine if your goal is to build massive triceps. The close grip benchpress is going to hit all three heads of the tricep, however the most focus will be on the long head. This is a great exercise to complement a benchpress routine as it helps develop not only size, but explosiveness as well.

Exercise Three: Tricep Cable Pushdowns

The cable pushdown is a very popular and versatile tricep movement. It is also a great addition to a tricep workout as it puts focus on the medial head of the tricep. This is what help develop the ‘horseshoe’ appearance that people seek. Another great point about cable pushdowns is that their is an unlimited amount of variations. Move your hands out wider on a flat bar and suddenly your are emphasising different tricep heads. Giving a diverse approach to build massive triceps.

Exercise Four: Dumbell Tricep Extensions

A great addition to a tricep routine. The dumbell tricep extension is a great way to hit all heads of the tricep. With particular focus on the inner and medial heads. The weight on this exercise doesn’t need to be heavy. Just enough to get a pump and finish up your tricep routine.

Exercise Five: Skull Crushers

If you want a finishing exercise that will leave you sore the next day. Look no further than skull crushers. If you haven’t already added this exercise into your routine, it’s time. Using the EZ curl bar these are a great exercise to hit the medial and long head. Once again the weight doesn’t need to be too heavy. We want to focus of form here.

Thats it! Spartansuppz top 5 exercises to Build MASSive Triceps! Try these out on your next arm day at the gym. Or add a couple on the end of your puss/benchpress day and you will be on your way to getting massive horseshoe triceps in no time!

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