Burn More Fat With Myoblox Rubix

Burn More Fat With Myoblox Rubix

    When it comes to fat burners, not many come close to the thermogenic powerhouse that is Myoblox Rubix.

    In an industry full of high stimulant based thermogenic products, it's refreshing to see such a powerful formula hit the market with zero caffeine or other stimulants.

    And if your goal is to turn the heat up to 11 and shred down, Myoblox is the perfect supplement to get you on your way!

      What is Rubix?

        Rubix is, without a doubt, the hottest fat burner to hit the Australian market in 2018.

        Unlike most other fat burners, Rubix offers a stimulant free ingredient list making it an ideal choice for any time throughout the day, or to stack alongside an additional stimulant based fat burner such as Double Tap.

          How Can You Burn More Fat With MyoBlox Rubix?

            This product takes a multifaceted approach to fat loss, allowing you to cover all angles when it comes to body recomposition. This ensures you are getting maximal results from the product, and supporting overall sustained fat loss.

            Specifically, the blend of ingredients in Myoblox, such as GoGBB, Paradoxine, Micracarn & Capsimax will help turn your body into a fat burning furnace.

            This unique blend of high-quality ingredients will help fat loss by:

            • Increasing fat metabolisation during exercise and at rest.

            • Increasing glucose & lipid metabolism.

            • Decreasing visceral fat levels.

            • Increasing energy expenditure throughout the day.

            Put simply, this is one potent thermogenic fat burner that is guaranteed to getting you sweating, literally!

              How Can I Amplify The Results?

                Like with all fat burners, this product is going to yield best results when used in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet.

                Combining Rubix with a 250-400 calorie reduction on a daily basis will have significant fat loss effects over a 6-8 week period.

                In conjunction with taking this product, you can also stack it alongside additional products to amplify the awesome results even further!

                We recommend using Rubix either throughout the day or prior to cardio. And opting for a stimulant based fat burner such as Actv8 Shred or Double Tap as your pre-workout fat burner option.

                Using this dual fat burner method, you will notice you have substantially more energy and focus throughout your weights sessions, allowing for a greater overall workout.


                Lastly, we recommend supplementing with a lean whey protein isolate such as Redcon1 Isotope post training to maximise muscle growth and fat loss.

                If your goal is to burn the highest amount of fat possible on your diet, you absolutely need to make sure you are getting in 2-2.5 grams of protein per day, and with 25 grams of protein in every scoop, Isotope makes it easy to achieve this goal.

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