Calf Training 101

Calve Training Calves may be the most commonly neglected body part in the world of hypertrophy training. this is more often than not a body part that is just thrown in at the end of a leg workout, which is fine for some people who are genetically gifted but for the most either the intensity just isn’t there or the frequency enough. now technically speaking given the size of the muscle a full recovery is usually made within 24-48 hours of training calfs.

Training calves every second day would be the most optimal thing for size with recovery and frequency in mind but twice a week is also enough to yield good results. If your goal is to bring up one specific area training it on its own will more than likely maximise your results due to the fact the muscle is fresh and CNS isn’t fatigued as yet. a good way to do this could be to try an A.M/P.M split if you have the luxury and time.

There are two muscles that are involved in calve growth predominantly. The gastrocnemius and the soleus. the first mentioned being the one that is seen mostly and creates the diamond shape and the second being the one that sits under the gastrocnemius and creates width at the base. The two are made up of different muscle fibre types predominantly and need to be trained accordingly.

For the gastrocnemius heavy weights and low volume are your best friends here 8-12 reps 2-3 sets. anytime your knees aren’t in a bent position such as a standing calve raise you will be hitting the gastrocnemius. for the Soleus the opposite is to be said, 20 reps and onwards have been shown to best most effective here, lots of drop sets work well also staying in the 3-4 set range.

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