Joshua Lenartowicz is a Mr. Olympia competitor, IFFB Pro, an INBA Wold Champion, coach, presenter... overall one of the world's best bodybuilders.

Believe it or not, but Lenartowicz is a strong supporter of including cardio into your workout routine - even if you are purely weight focused.

Take a read of his latest post and points raised. You may change your opinion of cardio after reading its benefits and how it can take you to next level conditioning....

Cardio Vs. No Cardio

By Josh Lenartowicz

Well for starters, for the people that are weight training and say they perform no cardio, should stop weight training. Weight training in itself, is a form of cardio. By definition, cardiovascular exercise is exercise that increases the heart rate. If you don't do aerobic activity, then good for you.

Here's why I do cardio relative to bodybuilding:

-It increases the removal of toxins by the lymphatic system (improved recovery).
-It releases endorphins which reduce stress levels (anabolic vs catabolic) (with the added bonus that digestion improves with low levels of stress).
-It reduce the risk of heart disease (longevity in the sport).
-It increase respiratory conditioning (recovery between sets improves).
-It increases proprioception (mind muscle connection).
-It burns a much larger level of body fat (next level conditioning).

I am a massive believer in steady state cardio as it burns fat directly saving glycogen stores. Saved glycogen stores can then to be used during lifting so you can increase overload in workouts therefore building more muscle and therefore burning even more fat.

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