Christmas Weight Control

It is very easy for one to put on weight over the Christmas and new year period. On average, one usually puts on 1-2kg!

To ensure the holiday season this year doesn't turn into unwanted or unexpected weight gain, below are some tips and suggestions to help avoid you avoid this...

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

  • Try to not attend parties or functions starving or hungry. We suggest having a snack or something on the light side before attending. This way, once arriving, you are not going to want to devour everything in site.
  • Maintain realistic! Do not try and make it a goal to lose weight over the holiday season... Rather, make it a goal to maintain your weight.
  • We advise watching your portion sizes. If you would like to try various dishes, we suggest getting a smaller plate and putting a little blob of each on the plate. That way you ensure you will be eating less.
  • If you can, fill up the plate with vegetables, grains, fruits... the food you know is wholesome and nutritious for you!
  • Wait and allow your food your food to digest before going back for seconds. Often by waiting, your body will time to signal your brain that you are actually full and not actually wanting to head back for seconds.
  • Drink plenty of water! Water will ensure you food is being digested correctly. Once again, this will help you feel full and avoid binge eating. Keep hydrated is also very important if you are consuming alcohol during these events.

Party Foods - Know your Limit!

Foods to Enjoy

  • Vegetables e.g. sticks, roasted vegetables, salads
  • Grains e.g. pretzels, rice crackers
  • Healthy Dips e.g. Hummus, beetroot, tzatziki, avocado
  • Sushi
  • Light sandwiches or quiches
  • Fruit salad
  • Yoghurt

Foods to Limit

  • Creamy dips
  • Pastries e.g. pies, sausage rolls, spinach triangles
  • Chips or Fries
  • Lollies or Chocolates
  • Cakes
  • Creamy dishes (both savoury and sweet)


Many people have the misconception that drinks don't contain calories. We consume liquid and we just go to the bathroom and excrete the fluid. This thought is very wrong and untrue. Many drinks can contain more calories than a standard meal!

Consumption of alcoholic drinks are a main leading factor to holiday weight gain.

If you choose to drink:

  • Be aware of the glass or cup size. Most restaurants or function centres will often serve beverages in glasses three times the standard serve. This means more drink, more calories and the less time you are sure to do something you wish you hadn't or will regret.
  • Watch your top-ups! Having regular top ups will most definitely have you forgetting how many top ups you have received. So try your best to maintain awareness and count how many drinks you have consumed.
  • Hydrate! Ensure you alternate your drinks e.g. one alcoholic drink, one water, repeat.


Here are some suggestions to help you keep fit and active over the holiday season...

  • People are asking you... what would you like for christmas? Tell them you would like the gift of health... how about ask for a gym membership? As they may be a pricey gift at times, maybe several people could pitch in. And make it a New Years resolution to stick to the gym routine.
  • Instead of plotting yourself in front of the TV on Christmas, go and enjoy some physical activity... go for a walk, a bike ride, throw a frisbee, play a game of football... anything that will get you moving.


Keep in mind, we are human! Christmas is meant to be a time for festive activities, enjoying loved ones company and appreciating the special food that often only comes out during this period. You are allowed to let your guard down and enjoy that extra treat you normally would not indulge in. However, there are tip to try and follow to ensure you maintain balance and don't go overboard. Good luck and....

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