Cody Montgomery: Leg Workout Hell

Cody Montgomery: Leg Workout Hell

See new IFBB Pro Cody Montgomery being put through a leg workout from hell!

This is not a beginners workout.

Cody was training for a show to get his IFBB Pro Card so it was all systems go.

Cody Montgomery is the youngest guy to turn pro at just 20 years old.

The Workout From Hell

5-10 minutes cardio before getting started is a great idea. An elliptical trainer or stepper is a great idea to help warm up the muscles and joints before getting into the workout.

Exercise 1: Leg Extension

3 sets to failure

Keep the knees in line with the hips the whole time. Power the weight up,pause at the top and control it back down.

Once you hit failure have you training partner help you with a few forced reps to really torch the quads.

Exercise 2: Hack Squat

3 sets to failure adding weight each set

Focus on pushing the platform away from you and driving through the heels.

Control the weight down and avoid bouncing at the bottom.

Pause each rep at the bottom to ensure you quads and glutes are working hard.

Have your training partner assist you to add 3-5 forced reps on the last set.

Exercise 3: Leg Press

3 sets adding weight each set.

Close stances,feet low on the platform.

Focus on pushing through the heels.

Reps should be high,20+ on each set to finish of the legs and get a crazy pump.

Cody Montgomery: Leg Workout Hell is an extreme workout. Ensure you’re well hydrated and have a bucket on hand!

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