Connor McGregors UFC 194 Diet

Ever wondered what the diet plan of an elite level UFC fighter looks like? If so, than Spartansuppz has you covered! We give you the champion Connor McGregors UFC 194 Diet plan!

We detail out exactly what 'The Notorious' Connor McGregor's diet looked like in the lead up to his UFC 194 bout with Jose Aldo. Giving you an insight into what extremes Connor went to, to not only make weight for the fight. But to be in peak physical condition to ultimately win.

Connor is the first to admit he has a sweet tooth, and has been know to put on weight outside of his fights by eating cakes and sweets. However there is none of that to be seen in his pre contest diet.

Connor McGregor UFC 194 Diet Plan incorporates a lot of lean protein. Such as Salmon, Chicken & Steaks. The reason for this is that these meats are not only very lean. Meaning they contain minimal fats. But they are also very high in protein, an amino acid responsibly for muscle recovery and repair. Helping Connor recover faster from training and build up bigger and stronger.

From a carbohydrate perspective, Connors diet plan used a lot butternut squash and sweet potato. Two very common 'clean' carbohydrate sources. These are low GI carbohydrate sources, which sustain energy longer.

In addition to the meats and carbs, Connor is also a big fan of his fruits and veggies. Which are essential for him staying healthy throughout his competition prep. Connor has basically described his fridge during his diet as looking like it had been filled by a bunch of 'smart primates'. Meaning he has only the bare basics, good wholesome, clean food.

Heres a look inside Connors fridge during his prep.

Think you could handle Connor McGregors UFC 194 Diet? Nothing but clean wholesome food for recovery for over 3 months? No junk food or sweets just fuel for the body!

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