Try this super simple, 3 ingredient, healthy oat cookie recipe! Great for a 'cheat clean' quick snack. Plus, the added bonus, they are low calorie and packed with fibre and nutrients - what more could you want from a cookie?!


1 Cup of Oats

2 Bananas

1 handful of your choice

E.g. Dried Fruit, nuts or Choc Chips etc.

How to Make

1. Mash up your bananas in a bowl. Once mashed, mix in your oats.

2. Add a handful of your choice of ingredient - and only a handful! Otherwise the cookies wont stick together.

3. On a lightly sprayed or greased, lined baking dish, space out 16 scoops of the mixture.

4. Bake at 180 C (350 F) for about 15 minutes. Keep in mind every oven varies, so keep an eye on the mixture.

5. Serve & enjoy!

Optional ** It is your choice whether you wish to mix in extras - get creative! e.g. salt, coconut flakes, honey, spices, vanilla etc... However, as mentioned, be weary on mixing in too much, as the mixture will fail to keep together.

* Keep in mind, banana sizes can vary. If your mixture appears to runny, slowly add more oats until the mixture thickens up.


These macronutrients are based on per cookie (when the mixture is divided into 16). It only includes the oats + bananas as the extra topping is of your choice... you can just add on.

Calories | 62 calories
Fat | 1g
Protein | 1g
Carbohydrates | 6g


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