Core Nutritionals Product Update 2016

Core Nutritionals has made a serious splash in the Australian market in a very short period of time.

Kicking off with their hard hitting Core Fury V2 Core Nutritionals started bringing more and more lines into the Australian market.

Lead by CEO and champion bodybuilding Doug Miller Core focus on delivering well dosed and completely transparently labelled sports supplements.

Each and every Core product lists out every single ingredient so you know exactly what you're getting in every single serve.

Their product range is quite comprehensive and set to keep on growing in 2016 with more flavours,new products and new lines being introduced to Australia.

Being such a successful athlete Doug demands the best of his supplements which is exactly the case when it comes to his brand. Nothing is skimped on and products are formulated with maximum efficacious doses to ensure maximum results.

You'll also notice that no artificial colouring are used in the products. This is why you may have noticed many of the flavour names include white in the name as the powder is uncoloured and literally mixes clear.

At present the range includes:

Core ABC

Core Iso

Core Fury V2

Core Pump

Core Burn Ultra V2

Core Hard Extreme

Core ZZZ

Core Pro

Core MRP

New lines expected before the end of 2016 include:

Core Flex

Core Grow

Core Test

Core PWO

The range if quite extensive already with something for just about everyone but it's going to grow even more. Core have a very extensive product range in the US and we're looking forward to carrying even more of them right here at Spartansuppz.

If you like products that deliver exactly what they claim along with great value and amazing quality then you're going to love Core Nutritionals and what they have planned for Australia this year.

For more information on this brand and some behind the scenes footage of the Spartans Crew crushing some workouts with Doug Miller check out our Youtube channel.

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