CT Fletcher ARMagedden Arm Workout

CT Fletcher has risen to fame within the fitness industry in the past few years. And for one good reason. He trains HARD!

CT is known for his brutal workouts and intensity in training. So it’s expected that the CT Fletcher ARMagedden Arm Workout is brutal to say the least. Think you have what it takes to go toe to toe with the one and only CT Fletcher? Try the CT Fletcher ARMagedden Arm Workout and see for yourself!

The Warmup

Even CT knows that warm-ups are essential. Ain’t no-one got time for a torn bicep.

Start off with the cables, warming up the triceps with 3 sets of light-moderate tricep pushdowns.

Follow-up with 3 sets of light-moderate bicep cable curls.

Once the blood is flowing we get started.

The Workout

CT is a massive advocate of single arm dumbell preacher curls. CT goes through 5 sets of 10, don’t go light!

Move onto a superset 5×10 barbell curls. Focus on squeezing at the top. COMMAND those biceps to grow!

Now finish of that with another 5×10 preacher curls, feeling the squeeze!

Now your biceps should be feeling pretty full! Move onto the cable for 5×10 cable curls. CT goes hard on these so go fast or go home.

The biceps portion of the session is complete. Time to murder your triceps. Go 10×10 on the pushdowns, control that weight!

Moving onto some more tricep extensions. This time its under-bar tricep extensions. Leaning into the barbell as far as your triceps will allow for full range of motion. Feel the burn for 5 sets of 10.

Finally we finish off the session with lying tricep dumbell extensions. With a twist! You have to complete 200 total reps! Go hard and complete in as few sets as possible.

Need motivation to tackle the CT Fletcher ARMagedden Arm Workout? Watch CT himself go through an arm session below!

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