Lower Calorie Intake

Calories are units of energy used by the body. In regards to nutrition, calories refer to energy consumption through eating and drinking, and energy usage through physical activity.

To lose weight, it may be advised to lower your calorie consumption. Now let us set this clear, you MUST EAT to lose weight. Don't drop your calories dramatically and don't deprive your self. Just take baby steps and over time you will notice a great difference in weight loss and keeping a healthy mind set.

Yes dieting can take time to show results, however, each healthy choice is a step towards the right direction. We say it it in many of our articles, but it is true... DIET IS KEY! The right ingredient choice can make a very big difference in calories. We suggest trying the following simple substitutions to lose weight gradually. Keep an open mind to these healthier, lower calorie alternatives in your diet. Be patient and you may notice progress and begin leaning out.

Here are simple swaps to cut back on calories!


Carbohydrates the brain and muscles primary go to energy source.

Carbs are the most popular and most loved macronutrient. However, just look at all the packaged, processed and carb-filled foods out there! Unfortunately, carbs are the most readily available food option out there, however, choosing the right one is very important.

Maybe you could try some of the latest trends such as cauliflower rice and spaghetti squash. As we said, be open minded and try before judge the idea.

Rice Cauliflower rice 170 calories, -40 g carbs
Pasta Spaghetti squash -170 calories, -35 g carbs
Bread/rolls Lettuce leaves -100- 300 calories, -15-50 g carbs


Often, the options that a readily available as snacks are not always the healthiest go-to. However, you can always choose the healthier alternative no matter the case. If you are stuck with only a vending machine, look at the following options and make the small swaps.

Regular potato chips Baked potato chips -60-100 calories, -7 g of fat
Soda Diet soda -200-300 calories
Candy bar Protein bar -100-200 calories, +20 g of protein

O D D S & B O D S

Trust that foods can be tasty by themselves. Without knowing, adding a suace or dressing to falvour your rice, chicken, vegatables can smother on high sugar, fat etc without even noticing.

However, next time you opt for a odd or bod, opt for a low fat, non creamy or protein powered option. It is also advised you ask for your condiments on the side - that way you take note of exactly how much is going on your food.

Coffee creamer Low-fat milk -35 calories, +4 g protein
Sugar Artificial sweetener -50 calories, -12 g of carbs
1/2 cup sour cream 1/2 cup low-fat Greek yogurt -160 calories, +10 g protein
1/2 cup mayonnaise 1/2 cup low-fat Greek yogurt -395 calories, +10 g protein

O V E R A L L...

The following suggestions were a very simple, thoughtless swaps. By swapping a couple of them per day, you can be saving hundreds of calories. By these little changes, you are making a difference without a full blown diet change! Easy done.


Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are a convenient, delicious, easy way to get your daily protein target. Protein powders can also aid in weight loss as in choosing the right one, are low in fat carbs and calories, a great

Spartansuppz top Protein Powders are...

Fat Burners

Now, we want you to understand that fat burners are not 'magic powders'. They will only work alongside a dedicated training program and well balanced diet. If use fat burners correctly and consistently, you will notice results over time and they will definitely help speed up the weight loss process.

Our top Fat Burners are...


L-Carnitine (also known as ALCAR) is particularly supplemented into a diet to aid in fat loss. It can also be used to to assist in cognitive function and energy production. Supplementing ALCAR into any drink (a fat burner in particular for optimum results) will assist in speeding up the fat loss process.

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

BCAA's are great to prevent fatigue, help with endurance and assist in recovery. However, they can aid in weight loss as they contain zero calories, carbs or fat and aid in protein synthesis.

Our top Amino Acids are...


You may like to try some of our protein snacks. They are packaged and small (making them easy carry), and not to mention, delicious. They are also a much healthier alternative to many other snacks available.

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