Dallas McCarver Chest Workout

Dallas McCarver Chest Workout

Dallas McCarver 1991-2017


Dallas McCarver was one of the biggest names in bodybuilding in the late 2010s. At just 25 years of age, he had already become ranked in the top 10 bodybuilders and a contender for the Mr Olympia title, sadly a goal that will never come to light.

This article is going to take you through a gruelling chest workout that Dallas completed in his prime.

This workout is hypertrophy focused session primarily targeting the upper chest, a weakness for Dallas at the time.

So without further delay, pay some respect to Dallas and have a go at his chest routine.

Dallas McCarver Chest Workout

Exercise #1: Hammer Strength Incline Press

Being the first exercise in the workout we are going to start with two warm-up sets to reduce the risk of injury, warm up the muscles and stimulate a better mind/muscle connection.

The first two sets will be comprised of 20 reps at approximately 40-50% 0f your final working set weight. Set tempo for all exercises in this program will be at 2-0-2, meaning two seconds up, no pause at the top to increase time under tension and two seconds down performed in a controlled manner.

working sets will be structured as follows:

15/12/10/8, gradually increasing the weight as the reps are decreased.

A standard grip is to be utilised during this exercise to emphasise the inner portion of the upper chest. Start by adjusting the seat height so that your grip is placed slightly under the nipple line and elbows are slightly flared out to engage the pecs more as opposed to the triceps.

Exercise #2: Cable Fly Tri-Set

This tri-set is designed with stimulating multiple fibres throughout the entire pecs in mind allowing growth for overall mass and complete muscle pumps which in turn leads to increased cellular volumization by driving nutrients into the working muscles.

The set begins with prioritisation of specific areas in mind from the area that needs most development first. Starting with incline flyes you will perform 2-3 working sets followed by mid cable flyes working the middle portion of the pecs then last but not least perform another 2-3 working sets with decline cable flyes, the bottom outer sweeps of the pec are the target area of this exercise keep that in mind when going through the motions to ensure maximal contraction.

Exercise #3: Neutral Grip Machine Incline Press

With the upper middle portion in mind, the neutral grip used in this exercise is perfect for stimulating the often referred to as 'trouble area' or more than likely to be a lagging area due to its natural development. The exercise is extremely dependant on where the grip is placed in relation to your chest so it's important to adjust the seat so that the grip comes directly above the nipple line.

This exercise will be performed with the same tempo as before and also use the same set/rep structure as used in the previous exercises

Exercise #4: Bodyweight Dips

The purpose of this exercise is to exhaust every last fibre that may not have been hit during the exercises you have just performed. This is achieved by varying the angles at which the exercise is performed as the sets progress.

You will perform 3 all-out sets to absolute failure, there are no specific reps allocated to these dips so maximal effort and ensuring you go to failure is the key focus to finish off Dallas McCarver's Chest Workout.


Dallas McCarver Supplement Stack

A workout like this is going to need some high-quality supplements to fuel performance and recovery.

Dallas was Redcon1 sponsored athlete and this is what he used around training to ensure he's getting the most out of his workouts.

15-30 minutes Pre-Workout: 1 scoop Total War mixed with 1 scoop of Big Noise.

Intra-Workout: 2 scoops Cluster Bomb mixed with 2 scoops of Breach.

Post-Workout: 1 scoop Isotope mixed with 2 scoops of Cluster Bomb.

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