Dana Linn Bailey out of the Olympia

Last week fitness superstar Dana Linn Bailey announced she would not be competing in this years Mr Olympia contest.

This came as quite a shock to many as Dana is considered a top favourite to win the show.

Dana was the first winner of the womens physique Olympia in 2013 and is also the most popular lady int eh line up.

Her social social following and down-to-earth nature has built her an enormous fan base.

The Good,The Bad & The Money

The news of Dana Linn Bailey out of the olympia was a shock for many,but for me it was good news.

Bodybuilding in general as much as we may love it, is still a very small sport.

The prize money for this year is a new record with a total prize pool of just under 1 million US dollars.

Drill down into the physique Olympia and you only have $40,000usd for the guys and girls combined!

This is almost a joke. A last pick basketballer in the NDA gets that per game!

The athletes getting ready for a show of this calibre would be spending that much just to get ready in food,memberships,tanning,travel,hotels etc.

If they are fortunate enough to win maybe they can cover the costs of competing. Come in 2nd place and you would actually lose money for competing and have put your body through a lot of physical and mental stress.

Dana and her husband Rob are some seriously busy people. They have Flag Nor Fail clothing, Onward their first supplement as well a demanding appearance schedule.

Dana Linn Bailey out of the Olympia: Summary

Competing in the Olympia changes none of that. Not everything is about money but time is everything in this sport and the window to establish a brand is rather short. Rob & Dana have built some great companies and work like crazy behind the scenes to make it work.

Putting all that time,money and mental focus into a Olympia prep only detracts from their business and fans.

Dana Linn Bailey out of the Olympia is a great move in my opinion and I think you’ll see more people doing this.

If the IFBB wants to attract the best athletes in the world to compete in their shows, then they’ll need to provide a lot more incentive to do so.

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