You haven't been eating well, you have been over indulging, you have already attended one to many pre Christmas parties... your ready for a detox!

A detox is a process where one rids the body of toxic, unhealthy substances.

A detox colon cleanse is great way to flush away any toxins or hidden nasties from your body.

Restore you digestive system and embrace a clean, fresh start.

Home Remedy

Here is a easy, gentle and effective 2 ingredient detox...

Unlike like other colon cleanses which may go straight through you (which always isn't the healthiest or advised option) this one will purify the system and encourage the body to filter out toxins while retaining a good bacterial balance of your digestive system.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The main ingredient in this colon cleanse is apple cider vinegar. Let's take a further look and benefits when included into a colon cleanse...

Firstly, apple cider is a very inexpensive product. It surely is a wonder food as it is enriched with many health benefits and can be used as a natural remedy for many issues. It is also is an extremely versitile product as it can be used for almost anything - from cleaning to removing warts!

When purchasing apple cider vinegar, ensure you get one containing 'the mother'. This is the murky, cloudy looking substance often floating a the bottom of the bottle. The mother is what contains all the nutritious, miracle working properties. It is the part that has not been filtered out during the process and pasteurisation of making the product. It is the 'mother' that is going to provide benefits and cleanse your colon fast.

Furthermore, it is the 'mother' that contains a good bacteria called acetobacter. It is this bacteria that helps and assists our body break down food in our gut.

Apple Cider vinegar will further help with...

  • regularity
  • lower blood sugar levels
  • reduce blood pressure
  • prevent diabetes
  • aids in fat loss

and much more!

How to Make

This detox drink is super simple to make.


  • Hot or Warm Water
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (containing the 'mother')
  • Honey (raw, un processed if possible, if not any is fine!)


In a cup of hot or warm water add 2 TBSP of apple cider vinegar and 2 TBSP of honey. Ensure you shake the vinegar bottle before pouring to ensure the 'mother' is evenly distributed.

Stir the mixture until the honey is dissolved (the reason why hot water is used, to melt the honey). Sip, drink and try to enjoy. We recommend consuming this drink upon wakening in order to cleanse, feel fresh at the beginning of the day. If not, the drink can be consumed any time throughout the day.

Now, let us reveal to you, the taste isn't always a desired or expected one, but it certainly will do the job! This is why honey is added, to try and somewhat override the sour vinegar.

Unlike other colon cleanses, this natural remedy does not have the direct effect of quick bowel movements and require you to be near a bathroom. It is a gentle, safe and effective cleanse. However, it does offer a fast-acting approach by the drink being easily absorbed into the digestive system.



There is never a right or wrong time for a cleanse. Give it a try. Your body is worth taking care of.


General Health & Wellbeing

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