Can you lose weight through diet and lifestyle alone? The answer is yes! Of course it is still recommended that you exercise daily, however if you follow the following basic rules, you can experience weight loss.

Everything in Moderation

It is important you keep everything portioned. Now, don't fret, you don't need to cut out your most loved foods.

We suggest keeping your plate to 1/2 salad or vegetables, 1/4 plate protein, 1/4 plate carbs and about 1 TBSP of fat.

Keeping your plate balanced allows you to still eat the foods you enjoy - however in moderation.

You may like to also use a smaller sizeD plate when serving up your meals. This may prevent you from piling on food you don't necessarily need.

Chew Slow

We also suggest to chew your food slowly. The more you think about what you are consuming, allows your body to communicate with you brain. Allow your stomach to signal with your brain that you are full. This will prevent you from over eating.


Water is responsible for many bodily functions. Your body is made up of 70% water so this stresses its importance and why you should always ensure you stay hydrated. By drinking more water, it can actually aid in weight loss.

Being dehydrated can also be a mistake for 'feeling hungry'. Next time you feel hungry, have a glass of water to ensure you body hasn't mistaken the hunger pain for thirst.

Sleep Tight

Not only does sleep contribute to overall health and wellbeing but can be a big contributor in weight loss. Getting adequate sleep can also prevent hunger cravings.


Maintaining an overall balanced, nutritious and active lifestyle is crucial for good health and to keep off those unwanted kilo's. Just remember, when trying to lose weight does you don't have to restrict yourself. Enjoy our life, eat what you love and just ensure it is all done in moderation.


Spartansuppz have a variety of supplements that can aid in weight loss. Just keep in mind, fat loss supplements, are not magic pills. If taken alongside a dedicated training program and/or well balanced diet, it is then that you will notice optimum results.

Our top fat burners in powder form are...

If you prefer a capsule you may be interested in ATP Science T432..

If you are after an non-stimulated fat burner, you may be interested in Trojan Horse...

Acetyl L-Carnitine is a great add on to any supplement stack. It will help transport fatty acids into energy production.

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