Carbohydrate powder can offer a wide array of benefits for athletic activity, as carbohydrates are your body's primary energy source. Carbohydrates, used during your training session can be very effective. However, not all effects of carbohydrate powder are beneficial for all exercise goals. Regardless of the benefits.

Sustained Testosterone Levels

Intense exercise can promote benefits for your body/physique in the long run, but only if you supply the nutrients needed for recovery. Some studies show that failing to consume carbohydrates with intense exercise can result in reduced testosterone levels. Using carbohydrate powder can help you maintain higher levels of testosterone (in males), a hormone that aids in building muscle.

Reduced Calorie Burning

According to research consuming protein powder prior to exercise promoted increased calorie-burning in the 24 hours after the workout, while consuming carbohydrate powder did not. Carbohydrate powder supplies your body with energy, but this can be detrimental in some cases, as it may cause your body to burn less stored energy.

Improved Muscle Recovery

Carbohydrate-heavy meals are often suggested for pre-workout use, but consuming carbohydrate powder as part of your post-workout meal can be beneficial as well. Nutrition researchers have noted that liquids are absorbed more efficiently than whole food, so carbohydrate powder during a training session can be highly effective.

Reduced Growth Hormone Release

The human body releases hormones in response to a variety of stimuli, including exercise and food. If you want to maximize growth hormone release, carbohydrate powder can be detrimental it has been found that a meal of protein alone increased growth hormone release, but a combination of protein and carbohydrates did not.

In saying this there are many benefits to consuming a carbohydrate powder during training, refuelling glycogen stores whilst working out can be very beneficial thusly giving your body more immediate energy to pull from and deterring any type of catabolic state.

What Carb Powders Does Spartans Recommend?

Not all carbohydrate products are created equal, unfortunately. Typically during training, you want to have a fast digesting carbohydrate source that will keep you sustained throughout the session with no crash.

Our top three carbohydrate supplement recommendations are:

  1. Redcon1 Cluster Bomb
  2. Scitec Nutrition Vitargo
  3. Steel Supplements Adabolic

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