Doug Miller Back Workout

Doug Miller is one of the most accomplished natural bodybuilders in the history of the sport. He is a testament to hard work and dedication. So in essence when Doug gives advice you follow.

Spartans Gym & Supplements Ballarat were fortunate to host Doug during the recent Gainz Tour. We got a chance to get up close and personal with the Natural Pro and go through a famous Doug Miller Back Workout.

The Back Workout

The session is not for the faint hearted. It involves a lot of reps, a lot of sets and a whole lot of weight.

Start the session off with some lat pulldowns. Three sets of 15 rep of wide grip. Followed by three sets of 15 reps close grip pulldowns.

After hitting the lats vertically, its time to do some horizontal pulls. Three sets of 15 on the seated row with a wide neutral grip bar.

From there Doug Millers Back Workout moved onto another horizontal pull. A chest supported row, this one is going heavy for lower reps. Doug worked his way up to 6 plates aside for reps of 8.

Once the cables are done and dusted, it’s time for the real back workout to begin. Deadlifts are the staple exercise. Heavy weight and high reps is the goal, no ego lifting just controlled lifting for optimal gainz.

We recommend working your way up to a 10RM. With weight increments of 20kg each warmup set.

Once you reach you 10RM set, work your way back down in the same increments. Overall this is the exercise should be completely taxed!

The final exercise for the workout is high machine pulls. This exercise will work in hand with the chest supported rows performed earlier. However these are light weight for high reps up to 20 to finally finish off the back session.

After this session your back should be completely fried!

Check out the video below from Doug Millers back workout where he hit 225kg Deadlift for 15 reps!

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