Drop Sets for Muscle Gain

When it comes comes to weights training, there are numerous methods you can use to help build muscle size. If you think your up for a challenge and ready to make some serious muscle gains try our Drop Sets for Muscle Gain article!

What are Drop Sets?

The principle of a drop set is very simple, which essentially revolves around the athlete performing repetitions of a lift until failure.

However drop sets work in a pyramid structure, with an athlete performing a set amount on reps at a certain weight. Then reducing the weight by around 20% and performing another 10 reps.

This structure continues until the athlete is unable to perform anymore reps. This counts as one set.

Why Use Drop Sets?

Drop sets offer a differing degree of difficulty compared to a traditional workout such as 4 sets of 8 reps.

The reason for drop setting is to put the muscle under as much stress as possible, resulting in increased muscle growth.

Drop Sets also allow the athlete to unintentionally perform significantly perform more reps on a certain movement as well. So greater volume will result in better muscle gain also.

What Exercises Can I Drop Set?

Any! Your imagination is the limit for drop setting! However you will likely notice that larger muscle groups like legs and back are easier than smaller muscle groups like biceps which may fatigue quicker.

Drop Sets for Muscle Gain Procedure

Here's a quick Drop Sets for Muscle Gain template for you to try out!

The exrecise is incline barbell bench press.

Select a weight about 75% 1RM. For example 60kg.

Set 1 a) 8 Reps @60kg. Drop the weight 10kg and have less than 20 seconds break.

Set 1 b) 8 Reps @50kg. Drop the weight 10kg and have less than 20 seconds break.

Set 1 c) 8 Reps @40kg. Drop the weight 10kg and have less than 20 seconds break.

At this point don't be surprised if your chest and triceps are fully fatigued. 24 reps is a big increase from the normal rep range people work within.

If possible, continue to work your way down the pyramid until either you fail, or you reach just the bar weight.

Then, Rinse & Repeat the Drop Sets for Muscle Gain Procedure for two more full sets!

Training in such a high rep range is sure to shock the system allowing for muscle growth!

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