Dumbbell Floor Extensions

How to Dumbbell Floor Extension: Top 5 Tips

The Dumbbell Floor Extension is a great way to isolate the triceps to help increase the size of your arms. By performing the movement on the floor it stops you from swaying and is purely getting tricep activation to move the weight. Also by starting with the weight resting on the floor it breaks up the concentric and eccentric muscle contractions eliminating any reflex assisting the movement.

Purpose of the movement:

This is purely an isolation exercise used to increase the strength and size of the triceps.

Muscles involved:

The primary muscles involved for this movement:

  • Triceps

    Equipment needed:

    To perform the Dumbbell Floor Extension exercise the equipment you will need:

    • Dumbbells
    • Floor

    Step by Step guide:

    Follow our step by step guide to master the Dumbbell Floor Extension

    1. Lying on the floor with the dumbbells set up sitting next to your head
    2. Holding the dumbbells with palms facing towards each other
    3. pressing the weight up until arms reach full extension
    4. Control down all the way and rest weight back on the floor after each rep.

    Top 5 Tips:

    1. Set up correctly
    2. Control weight down slowly
    3. Let weight sit on the floor after each rep
    4. Don't go too heavy with this one
    5. If experiencing elbow pain stop performing, close grip bench press might be a better option.


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