Dumbbell Flys

How to do Dumbbell Flys: Top 5 Tips

Looking for an accessory movement to add into your training to increase the strength and size of your chest? Then get the technique for the Dumbbell Fly exercise nailed! A great addition to your program.

Purpose of the movement:

The Dumbbell Fly exercise can be used as a great way to isolate the chest. The different range of motion and the movement it takes the chest through enables a different muscle activation compared to the main chest exercises (eg. bench press).

Muscles involved:

The primary muscle involved in this movement:

  • Pectoralis Major

    Equipment needed:

    To perform the Dumbbell Fly exercise the equipment you will need:

    • Flat or Incline Bench
    • Dumbbells

    Step by Step guide:

    Follow our step by step guide to master the Dumbbell Fly:

    1. Set up the bench and sit on the end of the dumbbells placed on your knees
    2. When you go to lie down, use one knee at a time help to lift the dumbbells up above your chest.
    3. The start position will be with the dumbbells above your chest, palms facing each other. Feet locked to the ground similar to a normal bench press.
    4. With a slight bend in your elbow, begin to lower the weight. The movement occurring from the shoulder joint, you will open your arms out to the side until you get a stretch in the chest near the bottom position.
    5. From here push the weight back up to the start position, by squeezing the chest together.

    Top 5 Tips:

    1. Ensure bench is set to correct height
    2. Feet locked to the ground, drive through your heels.
    3. Keep a slight bend in your elbows throughout the movement
    4. Control the weight on the down (eccentric) phase, pause for 1 sec at the bottom and then drive it back up to the start position
    5. Make sure you breathe out as the weight comes up and in as the weight is lowered.


      Try adding the Dumbbell Fly exercise into your Chest workout next time you are training! The perfect addition to get some extra size and strength through your chest.

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