Blackstone Labs Dust Extreme VS Dust V2

Dust Extreme is without doubt the most highly anticipated pre-workout, no make that the most anticipated supplement, period.

We;ve had literally thousands of questions,comments,emails and inboxes across all platforms about this one

The most common questions:

1.When is it coming to Australia? (stay tuned to our social media for this one)

2. How does it compare to Dust V2?

If you follow us on Snapchat/Instagram (all social handles are Spartansppz so join the party) you'll have seen already we've had the privilege of testing the Australian version of Blackstone Labs Dust Extreme.

The Formula

Now Dust Extreme uses a completely transparent label system which makes it quite easy to break down the ingredients and tell you what they do. Dust V2 on the other hand uses a proprietary blend but you know we keep it real at Spartansuppz. The Blackstone guys gave us some inside info so we could put this article together for you all and make the comparison.

The common ingredients between these products are caffeine anhydrous,beta-alanine (both clinically dosed) and l-citrulline. Other than these staples these are actually quite different products.

Although both are aiming to achieve the same desired outcome of increasing energy/alertness and improving workout performance they each go about in a different fashion.

Dust V2 provides a very fast acting energy which you can take literally as you walk into the gym. Extreme on the other hand takes about 30 minutes to really 'wind up' and get going.

Both products provide great muscular endurance/performance increase with a full 3.2gm of beta-alanine in each product.

Where these two products really differ is in the mental focus.

Dust V2 is a very intense,slightly edgy type of mental focus as a result of the arecoline.

Dust Extreme on the other hand is a more wide minded,tunnel vision. You feel an amazingly euphoric energy and incredible sense of well-being throughout the entire workout.

Dust V2 pushes you hard to keep going where as the Extreme has you pushing hard during sets but is a much more complete focus and increased alertness which has you wanting to train harder for longer.


This is an area where Blackstone Labs really leads the pack. Some of the best flavour systems of any pre-workout on the market today without doubt and this carried across both products.


As mentioned above the energy/focus is a very different feeling on Dust Extreme. You feel an intense sense of well-being and mental focus like nothing you've ever tried before. Despite the higher dosed caffeine the energy is strong without being over the top.

Dust V2 on the other hand is a getting it done pre-workout. This drives you train harder & perform better with a more intense energy/focus throughout the workout.

Both products will get you a great workout-but the effects are vastly different in how this is achieved.

Which One Should I Choose?

If you haven't already tried Dust V2, then you're missing out. We'd recommend trying this first as it is a crown favourite and delivers consistently great workouts every time.

If you already use/have tried Dust V2 and want a more enlightened workout,Dust Extreme is well worth a shot.

These are both fantastic pre-workout supplements, but the choice as to which is best comes down to the individual.

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